Sello's Gutters


We are a Proudly South African gutter company that manufactures stainless steel, galvanised steel and colour material. Sello’s Gutters is a proud member of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA). Sello’s Gutters is 100% black-owned, at level 1 BEE and holds the trademark for Fascia boards. We are an award winner for the Innovation Merit Award in 2014 for Stainless Steel.

Sello’s Gutters started in 1998 in Katlehong Township and has expanded to a new manufacturing firm in Alrode, Alberton. It strives to deliver good quality sheet metal guttering accessories to both the building industry and to the end-user.

We regard ourselves as the market leaders in our field because of our service excellence and the provision of quality material for stainless steel, galvanised steel and colour products. Sello’s Fascia’s offers an aesthetic look to any house or development.


In pursuit of our vision, Sello’s Gutters is committed to actively explore and implement value-added products, services and operational participation in:

  • Stainless steel guttering system
  • Galvanised steel guttering system
  • Colour guttering system

In collaboration with our staff and key stakeholders, Sello’s Gutters aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization. Our approaches are linked to task analysis, appreciation and execution for quality services with after care business services to the satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to long-term partnerships with our clients and the provision of comprehensive and cost-effective service in accordance with the client’s requirements. Sello’s Gutters also invests in the intangible assets of intellectual capital, competencies and business networks.

Our mission is to deliver good quality service and products to the end-user and the private sector. Sello’s Gutters manufacturing strives towards uplifting the community as well as becoming the number one trusted brand for rainwater guttering systems in South Africa.


Sello’s Gutters strives to deliver good quality service and rainwater guttering system products in the private sector as well as in local government (municipalities), whilst creating a long-term value for all its stakeholders.


Our staff size and experience make it possible for us to provide clients with quality service and competitive pricing. Professionalism, service orientation and timeliness in the execution of service commitment and consistency with its vision and mission remain the hallmark of the company’s superior service delivery to its most valued assets, its customers.

Sello’s Gutters operates in a dynamic business environment and relies on the diversity and skills of its employees.